Assured 100% Placement of all eligible students at Cambridge Institute of Technology

We create not just graduates, but global professionals

In today’s competitive world the difference between good, better and best is probably a very thin line. Any educational institute today is pitched against its counterpart s in the field and evaluated on all types of comparative metrics. In Placements the industry interphase becomes key part of the program to create the ideal corporate material in the outgoing students.

The Placement team under Talent Transformation Hub constantly reinvents & upgrades their methodologies for effective interaction with industry and create synergy between the both by building the bridge for their students. Keeping this as our motto, our placements team strives towards focussed efforts to help our graduates begin their career with great opportunities where their skills match the job profile and getting that head start in their corporate journey.

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As a facilitator between academics and the corporates, Placement department not only looks at stats to speak for the effort but also create flag bearers of our college who in future excel at the role they take up and write their own success stories in building MNCs.

Here are a sneak peaks into our past and current stats of placement

An Accelerating Percentage of Placed Students

The Average Salary Chart

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