National Conclave on Reforms in Indian Education System through NEP-2020

About the Conclave:


NEP-2020 is the first education policy of the twenty-first century which was announced after 34

years of the  previous  National  Policy  on  Education  declared  in 1986.  NEP-2020  is directed

towards initiating major reforms in schools and higher education levels. National Education Policy

focuses on the principle that education  is fundamental  for achieving full human potential,

developing an equitable and just society and promoting national development.

The main objective of the National  Education  Policy  is to transform  India into an equitable and

vibrant knowledge society. It envisions an India-centric education system that contributes directly

to transforming India into a Knowledge super-power.

The comprehensive transformation aimed through effective implementation of NEP is expected to bring

about a paradigm  shift in the country’s education  system and create reinforced educational

ecosystem  for  realizing  ‘Atmanirbhar  Bharat’  envisaged  by the Honourable  Prime Minister  of

India—Shri. Narendra Modi ji. The policy addresses various factors related to professional

education, adult education and lifelong learning, promotion of Indian languages, technology and

integration along with online and digital education. It proposes innovative concepts such as

Academic Bank of Credit (ABC), multiple exit options with appropriate certification, restructuring

of higher education institutions.

It is heartening to note that various Webinars, Virtual Conferences, and Conclaves on various

aspects of National  Education  Policy  2020 are being organized  across the country by several

academic institutions since it is believed that academic institutions have a greater role to

contribute towards the implementation of NEP with full spirit.

G L Bajaj in association with National Conclave  jointly organized with National Institute of Technical   

Teachers Training  &  Research  (NITTTR),  Kolkata   Madan  Mohan  Malaviya  University  of  Technology,

Gorakhpur  and Cambridge  Institute of Technology,  Bangalore  on “Reforms in Indian  Education

System through NEP-2020” is scheduled from 16th to 18thDec 2021. This national Conclave aims to

draw academicians from all the National Institutes to deliberate on the roles and responsibilities

to be shouldered for implementing NEP 2020 with full spirit to attain its objectives.