Cambridge Institute of Technology Library

Our Central Library was established in 2007, with over five floors with a carpet area of 25,000 Sq. Ft. The primary objective of the library is to support the academic fraternity by providing access to the physical and digital content. The library is equipped with comprehensive collection of books, journals, e-Journals, project reports pertaining to Engineering, Humanities and Management. All in-house operations like acquisition, cataloguing, classification, book transactions, email alerts, etc. are computerized. Library facilitates more than 29976 books, 400 Bound Volumes, 1681 Project Reports, 2387 CDs / DVDs,  45 Print Journals, 7767 Question Papers (PDF). At any point of time 250 members can be seated.

Cambridge College Library

Cambridge College Library has carefully-curated books that help PU & Degree students upgrade their knowledge on topics related to their syllabus or topics in general. Student can access learning resources through set reading lists and an elaborate archives of Digital Materials including E-books, Brochures, Marketing & Business Research Books, Writeups, Journals and more. 

Cambridge School Library

The school has a well-stocked library with books of varied genres; National and International Journals so that the students get to know, absorb and retain the resource materials that help nurture young minds. All students are given time to make use of the library facilities with ease. In addition, the librarians provide help and advice on study skills and research topics. Most of the functions at the library are computerized.