COVID safe campus.

We all are adjusting to the new normal. While the global pandemic is going to stay for another year, we can’t stay inside forever. Our institute is now open with all safety measures. We are now a COVID-19 safe campus. Following the UGC guideline is our topmost priority to keep our campus safe from the pandemic. We are also taking additional precautionary guidelines for our students, staff and visitors. Health is our main concern, so we have enforced the ultimate safety rule to all.

We are following every guideline issued for educational institution reopening:

The common guideline in general;

We pursued an awareness campaign about the government’s general guideline, which has to be followed strictly throughout the campus. Violation of any of these following rules will not be

  • The gathering of students is prohibited inside and surrounding the campus.
  • Physical distancing has to be followed as far as feasible.
  • Using a mask or face cover is mandatory inside the campus. Without a mask, no one is allowed to enter inside.
  • Students are bound to use alcohol-based hand sanitisers to sanitize hands frequently or they can use soap or hand wash.
  • Students and staffs are strictly following respiratory etiquettes (covering one’s mouth and nose while coughing/sneezing with a tissue/handkerchief/flexed elbow and disposing of used tissues properly)
  • Spitting is restricted in and outside of the campus.
  • We all have installed and are using the Aarogya Setu App for daily monitoring as per the government’s guidelines.
  • We also monitor

These are common guidelines that are being followed by every member of the Cambridge institute of technology. We have also taken full safety measures in every corner of the campus. Every entrance and exit points are maintaining thermal screening and sanitization for every person who enters inside the campus.

We have also set up our disinfectant zone for everyone who enters the campus to sanitize the entire body. Our staff and students from the contaminated zones are not allowed inside. In that scenario, students are feasible for attending online classes and for faculty; they are working from home in an extreme situation.

Our hostels are functional as well with covid-19 safety measures. So, what did we do to make our hostels safe from covid-19?

  • Out stationed students have submitted a covid-19 negative report before entering the hostels.
  • Crowding in hostel areas where students live nearby and share common facilities and utilities are restricted.
  • In dining areas, cleanliness is our top priority. To avoid overcrowding, meals are serving in small batches.
  • Due to the need for physical separation, density in dining halls, common rooms, and playing areas is limited.
  • Hygiene conditions in kitchens, dining halls, bathrooms, and toilets, among other places, are being checked regularly.
  • Ensuring that all utensils are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Face covers/masks are mandatory for staff involved in the preparation and distribution of meals, as well as proper hand sanitization.

We have also run an awareness campaign for all members of Cambridge regarding,

  • How the infection spreads, common symptoms, and the precautions and measures needed to stop it from spreading.
  • Maintaining hygiene, such as how to wash hands, cough or sneeze into a tissue or elbow, and avoid touching the face, eyes, mouth, and nose, should be taught to students and staff regularly.
  • The importance of physical separation, face covers/masks, hygiene, and other factors should be stressed to everyone.

Now we are COVID -19 safe campus and we do follow government instruction every day.