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The department of Computer Science & Engineering was started along with the Institute’s establishment. Now, the department offers the teaching of the au-courant Information Technology knowledge to maximum 120 undergraduate students. The department comprises balanced mixture of highly qualified, experienced   along with young, dynamic band of qualified enthusiastic didactic teachers. The department is like a small family where students’ knowledge acquisition and dissemination activities takes place with individual students care. Students are encouraged, motivated and guided to publish innovative technical papers in different conference proceedings. The students’ projects are guided with true spirit of the guidelines of project management institute. The department individually looks for each students’ knowledge growth both in vertical and horizontal directions. For students, the confidence development & knowledge acquisition, this department is home away from home.


To develop the Computer Science & Engineering department as knowledge hub of Information Technology super highway.


To mould the young budding engineers as bright, knowledgeable, ethical Information Technologists through didactic teaching & guiding, to enable them to contribute to the progress of the nation in a big way.

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Dr. Shivanand M

Professor and Head

There does not exists a sanctimonious thing like Knowledge. Human can earn knowledge through hard devoted perseverant effort after long time. Knowledge may be capable to fetch power but, power is incapable to fetch knowledge. Therefore, acquire good, in depth knowledge in the Information Technology arena and transform the nation as information society.   

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The study of the Theory, Experimentation and Engineering that form the basis for the design and use of computers.