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Chiguru Fever in the Air

Cambridge Institute of Technology is at its peak during the month of their Intra-college event ‘Chiguru’. A time when students get bonded in very special ways and the true essence of being a CAMBRIAN comes into form. Cambridge believes in converting each and every student to be exceptional professionals and great human beings. In simple words, a touch of humanity, ethics, social wellbeing and the art of gratitude all, in a nutshell, thus making a CAMBRIAN an outstanding person.

The true need for conducting Chiguru is that it acts as a ‘Stairway to Humanity’ – meaning it makes every Cambrian feel a part of something bigger than what they are palpable for. It makes every participant ‘push their limits’ – they become more assertive thus giving everybody present there a fantastic memory and experience. The ‘Out of the box’ events constitutes to what ‘Chiguru’ has to offer in the same fashion in how it carries its name with an aura.

The other thing about Chiguru goes is the ‘Dazzling Set-ups’ – Engineers working at their best with our Management students delegating it in a graceful fashion. The other feature being ‘the star-studded evening’ where you get to have everything that is required for the Fest – be it music, dance, drama and the edge being sharpened with your professional and analytical skills. Cambridge is at its best during the fest with a beautiful ‘theme’ that is put forward and everything being in sync with the same. The theme of Chiguru changes every year thus making it more exciting and enriching for our students.

What else does Chiguru do – Now this is one question which can tell us why Chiguru? The experience and exposure achieved make each student realize they are a part of something big and the fact that they get to work with teams thus making successful, gives each and every student/faculty and staff an altogether different experience!

It is the right platform for ‘Discovering oneself’ – this goes either way; whether you are a part of organizing or participating, Chiguru act as an essence to learning and enjoyment, thus boosting and shaping you as an individual.

Chiguru helps students to pave ways for new friendships, build stronger committees thus making each year spectacular than the year before. The reason for Chiguru being intra and not inter is it believes in having a united family that can face any obstacle from its invaders or let us say, competitors.