Global Case Study Challenge

The Global Case Study Challenge (#GCSC) is a real intercultural and virtual experience, which provides the participants with invaluable experience for their private and professional lives. Professors and lecturers from 22 universities across the globe with more than 600 students are participating in this experiential learning activity in 2021! Cambridge Institute of Technology is the first and the only Institute from India to participate in the case challenge. 

What is GCSC?

Students are organized in global virtual teams and are assigned a case study and different activities to work on as a team over a period of 8 weeks. While working on international business challenges, not only do students gain knowledge in the different thematic areas of the case studies, but also experience how to work with people from different cultures, time zones, study programmes and all that…“Up in the Clouds”!

The Global Case Study Challenge is developed and coordinated by Dr. Barbara Covarrubias Venegas Founder, Academy for diversity and innovation and Visiting Professor at the University of Valencia/Spain in close cooperation with the FH-Prof. Dr. Eithne Knappitsch, Professor of Intercultural Management, SIETAR Austria President & TEDx Klagenfurt Curator, Austria

What CiT Students will experience in GCSC

Global Team

The students of Cambridge Institute of Technology will be part of the global team and will have an international mentor.

Case Study

Each student team will be assigned with a case study on various aspects of international business.


The students will have to analyse the case and present the analysis to the international jury. The duration of the case study challenge is 10 weeks.


During these 10 weeks students closely work with fellow students from abroad and get mentored by international faculty member who will guide and help students in analysing the case assigned to the team.

Meet The Core Team

Mentors from CiTech at The Global Case Study Challenge (GCSC)

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