WORKSHOP on  “ Tips to crack the Campus Placement Interview and C Programming”                                             

“The campus placement season is fast approaching and it’s giving students sleepless nights. Many
students face a big question — How should I prepare for campus placement? “
A workshop on “ Tips to crack the Campus Placement Interview” session was organized in  the
Department of Electronics and Communication on 30/08/2018. The session started at 9.00AM by an
inaugural function with all the dignitaries. Mr. Anil Kumar H, Senior Software Engineer from ROBERT
BOSCH, Bengaluru was the speaker for the session.An interview is the most crucial gateway to get into a
desired organisation for a desired job profile.
“Aptitude tests can tell an employer a lot about a potential candidate, going far beyond the traditional
interview in helping employers put the right candidate in the right job.”
Mr.Anil Kumar, stressed on three most important factors that an interviewer look for in the candidate,
that are- competence, motivation and the right fit. Almost surprising to most of the freshers, he also
mentioned that an interview is also about influencing the suitable candidates to accept the job. Hence, he
proved that an interview is a two way communication channel and also an information sorting model. The
students got an opportunity to interact with the very highly experienced Embedded Industry professional.
Keeping things very objective and crisp, he mentioned all the competencies that companies look for in the
interviewees. Intellectual horsepower, positive attitude, practical approach were some of the qualities,

those were most highlighted. Passion for technology and negotiation & conflict management were also
given equal preference.
The interaction with the students led to further discussions on C programming. It was a very crucial
session for the students because of the coming up campus placements.
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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