Three-day faculty Development Program on Student induction program June 17-19, 2019

faculty Development Program

Three-day AICTE sponsored FDP on Student induction program was conducted at Cambridge Institute of Technology was conducted during 17-19 June 2019. Totally 274 faculty members were participated from across the country. It is recommended by National Coordination Committee for Student Induction Program (NCC-SIP) that the Universal Human Values component of the Student Induction Program must be delivered by the faculty members from the respective branch/discipline of the student group. Faculty members from each institute need to be trained from each discipline/branch. The number of faculty members trained should ultimately be sufficient in number, so that a group of 20 students is mentored by each faculty member. These trained faculty members after successful completion of two FDPs (One 3-day FDP followed by 7-day FDP) may further involve other faculty of the institute and provide training to them. These faculty members will be the members of the Institute Induction Program Cell (IIPC). The IIPC will be responsible for actively and successful implementation of the three-week mandatory student induction program.

AICTE has taken various quality initiatives for improving the employability of technical students and one of them is mandatory of technical student and one of them is mandatory “Student Induction Programme (SIP)”. Its purpose is to make the student comfortable in their new environment, set a healthy daily routine, create bonding in the batch as well as between faculty and students.

This three-day Faculty Development Program (FDP) in collaboration sponsored by AICTE was organized successfully with the participation of different faculty. The FDP addresses the various aspects of building bondage between students and teachers before the actual commencement of classes. This course was aimed at teachers who are teaching various disciplines engineering and management subjects in colleges or Universities. There were 274 number of participants registered for this program from different Universities and Colleges across the country.

Dr. Suresh L, principal CITech welcomed the gathering and said this FDP will address the methods to explore the various talents of students by educating and engaging the young minds. Sri D H Rao, director CITech addressed the gathering and expressed his concern about the attitude of the current generation students which is the biggest challenge and also mentioned that we can’t avoid these challenges anyway. Dr. Chikkanna N, VTU Coordinator Said institutions should ensure that students should not discontinue their studies

Ms. Neeti Jian, facilitator for happiness living and human values AICTE New Delhi inaugurated the program. In her inaugural address, she stressed upon the paradigm changes from past generation students to current generation students thus calling it as high time to induct human values. Sri Mohan D K, the Chairman of CITech addressed the gathering and appreciated the efforts of AICTE for having taken such imitative to bring in values to the student’s community. Finally Dr. Sunil Kulakarni Program coordinator and Head of Dept Mech Engg proposed a vote of thanks for the inaugural session

On the first day of the program, Ms. Neeti Jian spoke why students matter and how to motivate students. This session focused on the topic, expectations of the students. During her lecture, Ms. Neeti Jian stressed on topic generation gap that is in existence and attributed that lack of teacher-student relationship as a reason for this. In the later sessions, she delivered a lecture on Human values and its importance to the young minds

On the second day of the program, Ms. Neeti Jian spoke about orderliness in nature and more specifically about happiness. She also emphasized on the fact that everyone has to be a human being first. In the later session, she discussed the relationships and their impact and role in the current context

On the third day of the program Dr. Suresh L, principal CITech briefed about the various initiatives such as involving Class representatives in all decision making events thus boosting confidence to students community taken at CITech to establish a link between students and campus. During his address he mentioned various. It was well appreciated by the participants

The later session was engaged by Mr. Rohan Rajore member art of living who briefed about the traits of students and how to make students focussed on their goals. He also demonstrated a few simple exercises which will distress one’s body and mind. Mr. Rohan has played some videos which will enhance the concentration of students in the classroom.

Later the program was concluded by Ms. Neeti Jian who again continued her topic on relationships. Prof Shaktivelu, regional director AICTE, Bangalore Region University joined in the valedictory programs and addressed the gathering highlighting the utilization of Central govt schemes meant for students.

This Faculty Development Programme (FDP) fulfills its prime objectives to bring the faculties of different engineering, science, and allied subjects onto one platform to update with the human values and the program was all about how to inculcate happiness and values in new generation students.

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