Skill Sets

The Department of HRD at Cambridge provides a platform for placement where companies are invited to recruit students of various specializations and work experience. Responsible for identifying the right student-organization fit, the Department of HRD focuses on the following activities:

Career Counselling

Career Counselling done by the in-house trainers at Cambridge is a process that provides and guides our students to focus on helping one understand one’s own self, as well as the different future needs, thus helping them take informed decisions about career and education. It helps them to manage a diverse range of problems such as low concentration levels to poor time management, trust issues with family to non-agreement between parents and children on which career to choose.

Aptitude Training and Assessment

Personality Development Competency Programme (PDC)

A structured Program wherein interviewing skills and developing effective resumes are imbibed. Studies show students are confident in their career readiness skills, but employers are less impressed; they indicate students are graduating lacking awareness and / or development of skills needed to meet their expectations. At Cambridge we ensure that our students undergo extensive training on the following :

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Teamwork & Interpersonal Skills
  • Professionalism & Productivity
  • Leadership
  • Attitude/ Emotional Intelligence/ The Art of Gratitude/ Confidence building
  • Interview Skills

Mentoring by the Alumni

In terms of sharing experiences vis-à-vis realities of corporate life Creating an engaged, supportive alumni network is crucial to an institution’s success. We at Cambridge have an engaged alumni network that allows us as an Institute to benefit from the skills and experience of our graduates, thus supporting our students and the institution.  We believe that our Alumni are our most loyal supporters and our Best ambassadors, offering invaluable marketing and promotion across their personal and professional networks.