Event Coordinator-Prof Chaitra

The Department of ECE organized various competitions under Shannon Technical Forum since 2008
with the main purpose being to bring out hidden talents in students and to enhance the cultural
progress in the department. The slot was fixed on every Tuesday afternoon for this academic year in the
time table and students enjoyed the Forum hours by participating in both technical and non-technical
Activities Conducted :
·         RANGOLI
·         MEHENDI
·         DEBATE

The debates is about how modern technology harms our children, ourselves, society and our
environment. Somehow humans have found ways to adjust and adapt.
“The pace of innovation may be accelerating, but our ability to adapt to the latest technologies
remains undeterred.Technology is not an obstacle to humanity. Humans evolve — behaviorally,
physically, morally, biologically.”-said   one student
Human beings are not so dependant on technology because technology is used to make our work easier
and efficient.There are so many things which can be done with hands but technology makes the work
easier and saves lot of time and each and every person wants to save his time.Technology makes a
person smart on his work-said the other group
We all know the story: stone tools led to writing, aqueducts, printing, farm implements, heating,
electricity, medicines, computers, satellites, gene therapy and more.
So today, what — if anything — is different? Pace and scale. The pace of innovation is accelerating.
Technologies arrive at an exponential rate because they build cumulatively upon each other, across

RANGOLI                                                                            DATE :18-9-2018
The theme for this event -Ganesh Chaturthi.
Rangoli originates from two words ‘Rang’ which means colors and ‘Holi’ which means celebration.
Rangoli is an artistic celebration of colors. It is one of the most enjoyable arts that students can be
engaged in. ECE department organized “Rangoli  Competition”, to bring good luck, togetherness and
celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi festival with colors. Rangoli reflects traditions, folklore and
practices that are unique to each area. The students exhibited their flair in the art by making
beautiful Rangoli designs using geometric shapes, deity impressions and floral motifs. Rangoli
colours, flower petals and diyas were used to decorate the Rangolis. More than 20 teams
participated in the competition. Group effort, team spirit and individual inputs in the form of
planning, designing, outlining, analyzing the colour combinations and presenting the final rangoli
made the day for the winning teams. The activity encouraged students to think and work creatively
and promote artistic excellence.
Winners for the event were: First Position –
Second Position –
Third Position –
MEHENDI       DATE :18-9-2018
Mehndi is a ceremonial art form which originated in the ancient Indian subcontinent.The student shows
their creativity by making various designs and patterns The judges were astonished to see the efforts of
the students. Our, beloved HoD Dr.Indumathi.G praised the students for their participation in the co-
curricular activities along with their studies.he participant's enthusiasm and excitement shone bright as
they poured their artistic, imaginative and creative skills to make  beautiful design.. To boost the
confidence level of the students certificates were given to them.
14  teams  of 5 th semester participated actively.
FIRELESS COOKING                                                                                 DATE:25-09-2018
Cooking without fire competition make students aware of nutritious food and the importance of
nutrients in the diet. Students participated in full swing by preparing lip smacking dishes like Vegetable

salad, fruit salad, chats, sandwiches, fruit sticks, veg burgers, ice-cream shakes, sundaes and fruit
desserts and results were announced based on the following factors
1. Taste
2. Innovation
3. Cleanliness
4. Display/Presentation
5. Number of ingredients /Items

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