INTUIT’19 – Innovation Manifested 16th & 17th May 2019


“The team projects are instrumental in developing the student’s technical and interpersonal skills and commercial awareness”.

                                                                                                          -Vicky Houghton

INTUIT’19 – Innovation Manifested a Mega Project Exhibition also called as “CITech open technology Days- 16th & 17th May 2019” was hosted by the Cambridge Institute of Technology. INTUIT’19 gave the students an opportunity to share updates on their latest project ventures and build fresh links with industry. These opportunities are often used as a stepping stone by students to gain practical experience, especially for those individuals who have naturally gravitated towards a particular domain based on their genuine interests and career aspirations. The mega event attracts visitors from a wide spectrum of experts from Industries and academia.

During the Inaugural function Dr. Suresh. L, Principal of Cambridge Institute of Technology welcomed the gathering and initiated everyone to think out of the box to achieve greatness in innovation. INTUIT’19 was declared open by the Chief Guest Dr. H. P. Khincha, Chairman-Karnataka State Innovation Council, Former Vice-chancellor, VTU, Belagavi, and Former Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and the Guest of Honour Shri. Sanjay Kumar, Vice President –Capability Building and Knowledge Management, ITC Infotech by lighting the lamp along with all invitees and dignitaries followed by the release of Souvenir. Dr. Indumathi. G, Chief Coordinator, HoD Department of ECE gave a brief description of INTUIT’19. Dr. D.H Rao Director briefed out the profile of Dr. H. P. Khincha. Dr. H. P. Khincha in his speech said about the importance of innovation in Nano Technology and shared his experiences with the students with anecdotes. Shri. Sanjay Kumar spoke about his own experiences and innovative ideas in selecting a dream job and motivated the students to find their own to enjoy their life to the fullest. Shri. D. K Mohan Cambridge Institute of Technology in his Presidential Address spoke the importance of inventions and discoveries to the students and about their creativity. He congratulated Dr. Suresh. L, Principal, and Dr. Indumathi. G, chief Coordinator for conducting a very good event. Dr. Hema Kumar, the HoD Department of Chemistry thanked everyone with due respect.

All the 4th 6th and 8th SEM students of ECE participated in INTUIT-19 as exhibitors and demonstrated their project models with the utmost care and overwhelming enthusiasm in the 2nd floor – Cambridge Library Hall coordinated by Prof. Srinivasalu. G   and Prof. Shiva Panchakshari T G. Jury members are Mr. Jayaram & Mr. Bhargava, Cranes Software, Mr. Arun, CG CoreEL Technologies, Mr. Manikandan & Mr. Kotresh, Indian Tech Keys, Mr. Suresh, Spider Technologies, Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Data Wearers and Mr. Mohatasim, IBM. They visited the stall and evaluate the project models, appreciated our college presence, way of presentation and gave some technical inputs and analyzed all the projects thoroughly and selected the winners on the basis of novelty, innovation, creativity, research content and commercialization of the projects. All the experts appreciated the work done by the students. Experts motivated the students to convert their projects into the end products. Experts had given guidance to the students about their working model and suggested some changes to make it more viable and useful for society. All the experts selected the best 3 Projects from all departments based on their usefulness to the society and efforts students have done the projects for innovations. During the project exhibition, many visitors visited the stall and appreciated the projects and way of presentation.

The exhibition covered various Electronic Projects like  Automatic Driver Drowsiness fingerprint alert, Modern Garbage Collector, Automatic Fire Engine, Google Assistant Based Home Automation Using Node MCU, Automatic Fire Sensing, And Extinguishing Robot, Voice Controlled Robot With Obstacle Avoidance, etc to name a few.

The function was fully video-graphed, solely by the student volunteers coordinated by Prof. Raghunath Reddy. The function generated a high degree of excitement in the faculty and students of the department and was a great success. During the valedictory function cash Prizes and certificates were distributed to all the winners in the Project Exhibition to motivate them to do more innovations in the future.