Project cum Poster Presentation

As part of the academic the 8th Semester Students have to carry out a Project.

The Project Work has been started in 7th Semester Phase by Phase.

The Students were asked to make the batches of Max 4 Students per team. Then the guide is allocated to every team and the problems were given to students by the guide.

This year in Computer Science and Engineering there were 45 batches were framed and project work were successfully completed.

As a regular practice in the department the Project Exhibition was organised to exhibit the project work with demonstration.

There were different domains of Project which caters the needs of Industry, Society and Research as per the NBA requirements.

Some students carried out projects in Industry like DRDO, LRDE, MOOG, NARA, TCS and many more which includes the domain of hardware and software.

Some Projects were catering the needs of Society like Agriculture, Smart Electricity Metering, Smart Traffic, Garbage Collection using IOT and many more.

Some Research oriented projects on Big Data like Cancer Prediction, Big data Anomalies. In Image Processing projects like to detect Infected Rice crop. Network Based projects like Remote Network Control and many more.

The Projects were assessed by external Jury Dr. Chandramouli and Prof. Jayashree from EPCET. They have chosen the best projects under different category as per NBA.

The  awarded projects are :

Project with Social Relevance:

            “Smart Agriculture Automated Borewell Pump using IoT and Android”

Carried Out by

  1. Amsha M.J
  2.  Ashwini S
  3.  Sagar M
  4.  Gowtham T.K.

            “Vehicle Accident Detection System and First Aid Assistance”

Carried Out By:

  1. Paromita Roy
  2. Meghana L
  3. Madhuri Sharma
  4. Aishwarya Y

Project with Technical Relevance:

            “Lung Cancer Detection using Digital Image Processing and Artificial Neural Networks”

Carried out by:

  1.  Bhawna
  2.  Abhishek Katna
  3. Priyanshu
  4. Arpita Mahapatra

            “Sarada – a real time mediator chatbot Dapp scaling with SaaS using Blockchain scaling with CaaS”

Carried out by:

  1. Krishnatheja Vanka
  2. K Pruthvi

Project with Best Design

“Analyzing purchase behaviour of customers using Clustering”

Carried out by:

  1. Kamal Chand
  2.  Anurag Jain
  3. Bharath Mazumdar
  4. Agam Shukla

Innovative Project

            “Comparative analysis on Medical Data using Apache Spark”

Carried out by:

  1. Rohith G Ambani
  2. Nhisha Jayant
  3. Prathik K.G
  4. Pushpa Raj

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