Induction Program for the first year students

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Cambridge Institute of technology, department of ECE conducted an induction program for first
year students on 20 th august 2018
The induction program is a holistic one that will help students fit in as they begin a new phase of
life. There are many students who come from rural areas and find it difficult to assimilate with
their city counterparts .The program aimed to give a proper orientation to the new students about
the course, about engineering and about the future prospects as well as the methodology of
learning to be adopted to be successful in life
The induction program includes student visits to ALL LABORATORIES importance of hands-on
experience on Arduino organized by the alumnus of Citech, focus on outcome-based education and
courses on socially relevant topics.
There was a panel for questionnaire for the first year students in the presence of Principal
Dr.Suresh. L, Dean Dr.D.H. Rao and HoD ECE Dr.Indumathi G
A student named Deepanjali has raised the question how to promote academic skills and computing skills?
Principal Dr.Suresh. L replied that
Have a good knowledge about your domain and a very good command over the language and finally your
·         Attitude change because of our Thoughts,
·         Thoughts change based on our Action,
·         Action makes it our Habits
·         Habits build our Personality and

·         Personality leads to Success.
According to him the 5 key terms for success are –
·         Learning,
·         Listening,
·         I’m Responsible,
·         T 2 – Time management and Team effort
·         I 2 –Interest and Involvement
The sessions were well received by the students. A feedback survey, done among the 105
students, showed that around 80.85% of students opined that the program was excellent,  97.87%
of the surveyed students opined that such program should be conducted in future.

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