A two day workshop on IoT, Aurdino,Matlab and Simulink was organised by the Dept. of ECE for the 3 rd ,5 th and 7 th sem students.

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” – Anton Chekhov

“When I was a student, I really enjoyed participating in workshops and building projects. I
learnt a lot of things in a very interesting way while doing workshops. Now, I am working in a
company which is India’s Biggest in providing workshops and I am very happy to see how
much impact we are creating in the lives of students through high quality workshops.” – says a
passed out student Mr.Naveen D S Alumni Department of ECE.
ECE department  has major contribution to the society which we are enjoying and witnessing today. This
importance makes Electronics and Communication Engineering branch to stay ever green on top of all
other Engineering branches as well.

A two day workshop on Matlab

The aim of workshop is to expose the participants to the use of MATLAB and its applications.
This workshop will also provide hands on experience with MATLAB software starting from
rudiments to the end of designing a circuit.

The event serves as the culmination of "Connecting the basic studies done by the students and
practically observing them by simulating them” and also the advantages of using this software
platforms which are very helpful for them in future to implement their innovative ideas

Dr.Basavaraju.C,  Professor in ECE Department, delivered a lecture on simulation in MATLAB.
Introduction about simulink, what are the tools available in simulink library browser, working and usage
of the tools in simpower system as well as commonly used blocks.
Prof.Shivananda, Associate Professor in ECE Department, delivered a lecture on Digital Signal processing
using matlab followed by digital Image processing using MATLAB and explained about  the simulation
involved in the projects like M.Tech. projects and B.Tech. projects.

A two day workshop on IoT

The workshop on The Internet of Things – Hands on session was organised by the Dept. of ECE for the 7 th
sem students on 26th & 27th ,October 2018. During these two days, various industry experts shared
their insights, real life scenarios, practical use cases and their solutions on The Internet of Things- Hands
on Development. The workshop started by providing real IoT experience at the registration desk itself –
when participants mobile flashed up with the workshop welcome screen on their arrival.

A two day workshop on Aurdino

Over the years, Arduino have been the brain of thousands of projects, from everyday objects to complex
scientific instruments due to its simple and accessible user interface. The workshop was conducted by
Adhya Foundation. It was a 2 day workshop where everything from basics to the fundamentals was
taught to the students. On the first day, Prof.Veerappa  started the event workshop by giving brief
description of the components which will be used during the workshop along with the basic coding
required for coding Arduino UNO. Home Automation which is an upcoming field in the designing of
houses was taught to the students.In this, he showed them how we can control the switches using our
phone via bluetooth module. On the second day, he taught the students how to make a BOT working on
an Arduino Uno. Students were able to control the movement of BOT with the help of phone using
Bluetooth Module. Additional knowledge of proximity sensor was also provided to the students. Finally
session ended with a fun activity of BOT race. With the help of this workshop,Mr.Sumanth Yadav  has
tried to instill a basic knowledge of Arduino on students which will be very useful to them for their
future projects
During the valedictory ceremony, the participants were awarded  with the certificates and the function
came to an end with a group photo session.
Memorable Event Photos from Workshop:


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