Reasons why internships are important in two years of MBA tenure

Everyone holds the opinion that internships are extremely important for your career if you are pursuing MBA from a management college, but no one cares to elaborate the reason for the same. Recruiters also lay an enormous amount of emphasis on the candidate’s professional experience. As an MBA student, when you apply for a job, you will always be assessed on the basis of your professional experience gained so far, during the two years of tenure. Hence, we decided to take this initiative to enlist all the reasons why internships are crucial.

Experience counts

The job market is extremely competitive. Through internships, you get exposure to the corporate culture for the first time during your student life. While internships are a great opportunity to learn about how professionals work in an environment, they also give you an excellent chance for experiential learning. Your mentor or supervisor will be providing you proper training where you will be enlightened on how to work under the pressure of deadlines yet maintain the quality of work and balance your personal life.

Grow your network

When you are in an intern in any organization, you will be introduced to the members of the organization and to external stakeholders during office events and activities. This becomes your golden chance to establish connections and grow your professional network. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to know and work with both internal and external stakeholders. The idea behind motivating you to network is to grow a stable network that can be of assistance to you when you are searching for a job.

Strengthen your resume

Recruiters lay a considerable amount of importance to the applicant’s resume. Internships fetch a good work experience and add value to your resume. Basically, the internships on your resume speak out loud and clear about you that you have the required knowledge to work in a professional set up. You can highlight your skills with examples of how you were able to put them to good use during the internship, on your resume. This will surely grab the interviewer’s attention.

Get job opportunities 

Several times, organizations absorb interns as their permanent employees. Yes, this is true, if an organization is highly impressed with your performance, they might roll out a pre-placement offer letter for their interns. This further adds significant value to your resume and also, is an immensely important chance to work for the organization who you gave in your best. While internships, in general, matter a lot, the quality of work during the internships is what actually matters.

Learn about yourself

As a student, you have many weaknesses and strengths, but an internship proves to be the right opportunity for you to recognize those. You can enhance your skills even better and work on the weaknesses to overcome them. When you get to work in the real- world, you also get to develop a better understanding of your potential. A good internship opportunity enables you to understand the professional ethics and norms to be more efficient and successful when you start working for the full-time job role.

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