How to choose a career in 10 steps

Choosing a career is a challenging life-decision that has the potential to alter students’ life. Getting a job opportunity in your dream company is one of the biggest achievements in life but deciding upon the right career choice seems to be difficult but not impossible. We have compiled a list of 10 most important steps that you should follow to make the big career choice:

1.Assess your work style

Your career choice should be according to your work style whether you are able to achieve your goals independently or you are comfortable in working in a structured work environment. Ask yourself the kind of activities you enjoy during your leisure time and the things that you would want to do at a professional level, based on your strengths.

2.Know your talents

If you have a hobby that you enjoy, it is best to look for way to transform that hobby into a full-time career role. It is a proven fact that doing what you love as a career can be rewarding and therapeutic.

3.Set financial goals

Always keep in mind that the career you choose should be able to help you meet your financial goals. So, choose your career accordingly that you can earn enough money to be fulfill your dreams.

4.Analyze your social needs

Keep your needs for social interaction in mind while opting for any career. If you prefer to work alone, it is better to look for a job role that will allow you to work from your home whereas if you are a social bee then look for a job profile that will require you to meet and greet new people every day.

  1. Make use of self-assessment tools

Take online quizzes and use resources to assess yourself and your interests. Aptitude tests can help you in a great way by letting you become aware if you have aptitude for a certain field or not.

  1. Seek help from a career coach

Reaching out to a professional career coach is a good idea to know your aptitude for any job role. Career coaches will also offer counselling and offer guidance to enable you to pace up the process towards climbing the ladder of success.

  1. Explore your options

Conduct research for all the possible career options that lie ahead of you. Look for the education and other skills that these job roles require after thoroughly going through the job description.

  1. Perform intense research

Once you have prepared a list of all the job options along with salary and job descriptions, it is advisable to connect with people from those backgrounds to get a detailed idea about the profiles, field and industry.

  1. Conduct informational interviews

For in-depth research, it is good to conduct informational interviews to know about the day-to-day operations in the specific vertical that you are looking to for. You can ask them the pros and con of their career choice and whether they would want to do things differently with a different perspective towards this career option, if given a chance.

  1. Design an effective action plan

After narrowing the search down to the final career option, it is time to create an efficient strategy about how to achieve the goal of getting a job in your dream company

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