Beyond Academics, Life at Cambridge

Being a firm believer of the philosophy that students who are exposed to various experiences during college rather than solely focused on rote learning are the ones who grow up to be successful professionally, emotionally and socially, Cambridge Institute of Technology emphasizes on overall personality development. We have a vast range of activities and events to make our students experience a vibrant college life which is beyond classrooms.

Cultural Events

Every student has a hidden talent or two. While some students might be confident about their skills, some others might need encouragement to reveal their hidden talents. CiTech pays special attention to students and motivates them constantly to always believe in themselves.  While all the major festivals are celebrated with great zeal, CiTech also has its annual cultural extravaganza, Chiguru, which has numerous activities planned for maximum student involvement.

Sports Activities

To maintain a healthy and fit life, sports are a vital part of any students’ life. That is why, at CiTech, special attention is given to organizing and conducting sports activities for students. The fully equipped sporting facility provides an excellent platform for students who have athletic interests.  The focus of the institute is on recreational and leisure activities for students to ensure their physical and mental well-being.

Social Outreach programs

The institute organizes Social Outreach Programs for its students to raise awareness about various issues and enable them to understand the challenges faced by certain sectors in the society. Through this, the aspiring engineers can arrive at solutions to put an end to different problems faced by the people  and society in general.

Seminars & Workshops

Our primary motive is to help students build the necessary skills to overcome the obstacles that they might encounter in their professional life. CiTech organizes regular workshops, seminars, industrial visits, educational tours and panel discussions to encourage active participation and healthy discussion among students. These help the student community in welcoming fresher perspectives to create and innovate in their field.

Student Clubs

CiTech has established different societies and clubs that engage students in fun activities. The club members have frequent meet-ups, practice sessions and discussions which allows active interaction among student communities. While the technical clubs are meant for those who are inclined towards academics, the cultural clubs will let the art enthusiasts dabble in music, fine arts, theatre, dance and other mind-soothing activities. The student clubs let students explore new interests, engage in conversation with new people and enhance the overall learning experience.

Cambridge Institute of Technology (CiTech), is in the forefront among providers of quality education in the State of Karnataka. Ideally located on a verdant ten acres overlooking Krishnarajapuram, and 200 mts off old Madras Road, the college is accessible to all the important areas of Bangalore. The International Technology Park and Bio-Tech park from esteemed neighbors to the picturesque Campus form the natural choice for students pursuing knowledge in an environment conducive to both their internal as well as external harmony and growth. With a holistic environment for comprehensive learning, CIT has the best educational methodologies which made it Qualify NAAC Accreditation criteria.