Advantages of maintaining an active & well-maintained LinkedIn profile

When it comes to job hunting, LinkedIn is the first thing that comes to our mind because a professionally-written LinkedIn profile is helpful in many ways. However, one must understand that there are no shortcuts to maintaining a strong LinkedIn profile because you need to constantly update your profile with the latest achievements, duties, certificates or anything that can prove useful for your profile. Below is a cumulative list of the advantages of maintaining a LinkedIn profile and staying active on the platform:

1.First impression matters the most:

When recruiters go through a candidate’s LinkedIn profile, they create an impression within the first 20 seconds. If your profile is well-written and includes every detail about your skills, educational background, achievements, projects, value-added skills and any other crucial information, the recruiter will have a positive impression in their mind. Additionally, it is always a great advantage to add your picture to the profile as it puts a face behind the name. An active status of the profile will let the recruiters know that you are looking out for a job change.

2.Connect and grow

LinkedIn provides a brilliant platform for networking with like-minded people and joining forums and groups where you can participate in healthy discussions. A strong network on LinkedIn also has the potential to fetch referrals for various job openings. LinkedIn also serves as an organized platform for word of mouth marketing approach. If a particular connection in your network refers you to someone, it becomes easier for them to directly have a look at your profile on LinkedIn.

3.New opportunities

Numerous job opportunities are posted every day on LinkedIn by the recruiters. Searching for a job in itself is an exhausting task, however, with the user-friendly platform and increased visibility options, LinkedIn has become an ideal platform to look up for the later job openings. The feature on LinkedIn which allows you to know the names of people who have visited your profile is of great advantage as this opens the door to grow your network. You can reach out these visitors and connect with the to know if they have a suitable job role for you in their organization.

4.Stay updated

With enhanced features, LinkedIn also provides a convenient platform to its users to stay updated with the latest news and industry trends. Your connections will post news articles, tips and posts which will help you to know more about different fields. Your activity log will enable the recruiter to have an insight into your interests which further helps them to understand whether your profile is relevant to the job opening in their organization.

  1. LinkedIn Content Platform

Users also have the option of creating content and thus, if you publish well-written articles on LinkedIn, there is a good chance of letting recruiters know that you know your subject matter well. This will lead the recruiting team to get a good idea about your expertise in the field.