5 Tips to maintain a balance between Studies & Life

The pressure to complete the coursework on time and enjoying college life simultaneously become unmanageable sometimes. The most important thing to keep in mind is not to stress yourself by being organized, punctual and disciplined. The daunting task of maintaining a balance between academics and personal life can be overcome by following the set of five tips:

1.Maintain an updated task list

Keep a track of all the dates when your assignments are due for submission. This will provide you an idea about the tasks that require more attention from you and a priority. The task list also enables you to focus and stay away from distractions such as social media which gobble up significant chunks of your time.

2.Do not procrastinate

Delaying work for the next day results in a huge pile-up of unfinished tasks. Thus, you will end up getting stressed with all the work that needs your attention. Additionally, once all the pending tasks stack up, it becomes harder to motivate oneself to get started to complete all in due time.

3.Get a good night’s sleep

Take care of your health. This means that you must not skip meals in order to save time to complete assignments. Exercise on a daily basis and make sure that you improve your sleeping habits. Getting more sleep has its own benefits, including lower stress levels, improved immunity, enhanced concentration and a better clarity. Be a firm believer of the saying, ‘health is wealth’.

4.Make time for yourself

Whether this means spending time with family or trying your hand at origami, engage in an activity that would help you relax. Keep some time aside to allow yourself to indulge in a creative creativity that would help you take off your mind from the workload.

5.Avoid multi-tasking

The usual impression is that multi-tasking eases off work but it is not true. When someone multi-tasks, they end up spending more time and energy by trying to everything at once. This hampers the work because the ideal practice should be to finish a task and then move on to the next one.

The above tips to work and relax might not necessarily melt all your stress away but they are a promise to help you stay sane and maintain a strict work schedule. These will surely help you stay ahead of your schedule and not be burdened at once. A proper schedule will let you be aware of the tasks including new stuff whereas a sound body and mind enable you to know where your focus lies. Create lists, make notes, plan ahead and you will be able to maintain a balance between academics and personal life conveniently.