Courses Offered

Explore The Possibilities With A Cambridge Education

At Cambridge PU College, we give you the freedom to explore your interests across a range of areas, rather than lock you into a single, narrow field. We do this primarily by offering courses in science and commerce that are interdisciplinary.


Statistics, Economics, 
Business Studies, Accountancy.

Computer Science, Economics, 
Business Studies, Accountancy.


Physics, Chemistry,
Mathematics, Biology.

Physics, Chemistry,
Mathematics, Electronics.

Physics, Chemistry,
Mathematics, Computer Science.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is itself life.” – John Dewey

Cambridge PU College allows you to design your course to suit your career aspirations and interests and maintain a breadth of scientific & commerce subjects. You’ll study multiple courses and explore the links between them, using an interdisciplinary approach. You’ll develop the ability to look at problems from different perspectives and bring together the ideas of multiple subjects, which is highly valued in industry and academia. We offer a number of scholarship opportunities to support and reward students who have the potential to be an outstanding student. In addition to imparting training to our students in PU prescribed syllabus, we also coach them to appear for various entrance examinations.