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Courses Offered


PCMB  : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

PCMC  : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science

PCME  : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics


SEBA  : Statistics, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy

CEBA  : Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy

Languages  English (Compulsory) and  Hindi or Kannada or French or Sanskrit

PUC PRIME – Professionals in the making

PUC PRIME (Science) is an exclusive academic course designed for students craving for in-depth scientific knowledge and aspiring to be professional scientists/technocrats. This course, in addition to imparting training to its students in PU prescribed syllabus, also coaches them to appear for various entrance examinations.

The entrance examination to any of the IIT’s in India is considered to be one of the toughest entrance examinations. This is due to the huge number of its aspirants. PUC PRIME course chooses amongst its students, the ones with high aptitude and coaches them for the NEET & IIT entrance examination, free of cost.

This special course has expert faculty members with high experience and proven training abilities in their respective subjects. These lecturers are meticulously chosen through explicit testing and are exclusive to PUC PRIME course.

PUC PRIME (Commerce) is a additional for students who aspire to be Chartered accountants, Company Secretaries or other Commerce allied professional. Along with their regular PUC classes students are trained to appear for the entrance examinations to be Chartered Accountants or Company secretaries.

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