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Workshops & FDPs

UDC Tirchy organized International conference on “Business, Finance & Management“ on 20th jan 2017

In this connection, Faculties of Department of Management studies attended , presented & published papers in the conference which add  to Citech family.

Dr. A Anuradha, Head of Dept of MBA delivered the key note address in the International conference followed which Dr. A Anuradha, Prof. Rakesh Nagaraj & Prof. Rakesh K N presented the paper on ‘’Quality of Management Education’’ for which best paper was awarded under the management track.

Prof. Chandan & Prof. Santhosh Kumar presented a paper on “Financial inclination” for which they bagged the best paper under finance track.

Prof. Ranjitha R & Prof. Rakesh KN presented a paper on “FDI in Indian Reatail” for which huge round of appreciation was raised.

Overall the International conference at tirchy brought laurels to department of MBA & Citech as a whole.

Workshop on Research Methodology in association with VTU, on 21- 22 October, 2016

Two day workshop on research methodology for PhD course work aspirants was held at Cambridge Institute of Technology on 21 – 22 October, 2o16, the workshop was hosted by MBA Department in collaboration with VTU Belagavi was inaugurated by Dr. Jagannatha Reddy, registrar VTU , Dr. Gayathri Reddy Special Officer VTU Regional office Bangalore, Mr. Nithin CEO Cambridge group of institutions, Dr. L Suresh, Principal CITech , Dr. A. Anuradha Head MBA Department.

The workshop was witnessed by 180 participants from various parts of the country. The workshop was focused on giving insights about research methodology for research aspirants. 5 technical sessions were held in 2 days by experts.

The resource persons were Dr. Sandeep Shastri, Dr. Gopal, Dr. Suma, Dr. D. N. S Kumar, Dr. Vijayanaranan and Dr. Elangovan

Workshop on Authentic Leadership from 07-12-2015 to 09-12-2015

Department of MBA and Centre for research organized a workshop for I semester MBA students a workshop on “Authentic Leadership” from 07-12-2015 to 09-12-2015. The programme went in 6 sessions on these 3 days.

WORK SHOP ON NLP - 11-09-2014

Mr. Prajwal, a corporate trainer and consultant, conducted a day long workshop on “Neuro linguistic Programme” to the students of MBA on 18-09-2014.

The programme started with a small energizer and ice braking session. Mr. Prajwal in his work shop emphasized on the NLP concepts, conscious and sub conscious mind and their importance, positive thinking, meditation areas. The sessions were very well planned and successfully handled. The students were very enthusiastic throughout the work shop as it had so many ice breaking sessions and games. The work shop was very effective and useful to all the students.

Prof. Rajashekhara Swamy was instrumental in organizing this successful workshop.

Department level FDP 16-20, January, 2014

A report on Department level FDP conducted by MBA department

16-01-2013: Teaching and Learning Process by Prof. Goplakrishna. 2.30 pm – 4.00 pm

Prof. Gopalakrishna started the session with introductory note on importance of organizing the FDP at departmental level. Later he started his presentation on teaching and learning process. The lecture covered the following aspects

  • Levels of teaching and learning
  • Syllabus completion
  • How to get 100% result
  • Teaching aids
  • Getting good feedback
  • The presentation was very interactive and informative.

17-01-2013: Training & Development through 3 idiots movie by Prof Sunil M Kulkarni. 3.00 pm – 3.45 pm

Prof. Sunil M Kulkarni presented the compared 2 different types of teachers who train students in different ways. The inspiration for this session was 3 Idiots move, he compared the working style of principal in the movie, who is very systematic and most disciplined and can’t tolerate any deviation from academics to the Ameer khan who encourages the students to love their passion and be independent. The second teacher is most admiring and lovable.
He covered the following aspects

  • Significance of training
  • Role of trainer
  • Skills of Trainer
  • Characteristics of trainees
  • Methods of training
  • Types of Training
  • Training Impact and evaluation

This session was very useful and essential for the trainers.

Business Plan for the real world by Prof Gnanendra M 3.45 pm – 4.15 pm.

Prof Gnanendra started the session with a beautiful video about creativity and innovation and infused few thoughts in the minds of participants. He spoke about importance of business plan for the entrepreneurs to attract the investors and run the business in a profitable way. He discussed the following topics

  • Why business plan?
  • Strategic guide
  • Important aspects of Business plan
  • Layout of business plan
  • Ideal business plan

The session gave us and idea and outline of starting a new venture in a practical way.

18-01-2014: Emotional Intelligence to teachers by Mr. Y. Muralidhar Reddy. 12- 1.30 pm

Prof Muralidhar Reddy spoke about the importance of emotions and emotional intelligence for teachers for effective class room management. He explained about various emotions, importance of emotional intelligence through video clips from different movies. The following topics were covered during the session

  • Emotions
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Need of EI
  • Managing Emotions
  • Effective EI

The session gave lot of inputs to the teachers on managing emotions in a class room

20-01-2014: Top 10 qualities of a good teacher by Mr. Sheshu A 3.00 pm – 3.43. pm

Mr Sheshu spoke about the important role the teacher plays in a student life, he emphasised on the knowledge of the teacher and passion to teach, which are most critical for teacher. He stressed upon the importance of good rapport with students and discipline also matters a lot.

Investment for employees by Mr. John Pradeep Kumar 3.45 pm – 4.15 pm

Mr. John Pradeep Kumar spoke about the importance of investment for employees, he emphasised the importance of investment and financial planning. He through the light on safe and secure investment options with good returns.

He covered the following topics.

  • Needs
  • Return
  • Inflation Vs Return
  • Invest early/ Regularly/ Long term
  • Steps to Investment
  • Options of investment

The session was very useful for all the faculties.

FDP on Teaching and Learning

Prof. Gopalakrishna HOD Department of MBA delivered a lecture on teaching and learning process for the MBA faculties on 17-01-2014 between 2.30 p.m – 4.30 pm.