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Permanently Affiliated to VTU, KA
Recognized By Govt. Of Karnataka
an ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Approved by AICTE
NBA Accredited

Research & Development

Research and Development Centre of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Cambridge Institute of Technology has been involved actively in various sponsored projects in the domains of interdisciplinary research on Unmanned Air Vehicles, Ultra sonic impact treatment, Micro Air Vehicles, Small Satellites, Evaluation of full-field temperature fields of high speed compressors and turbines through thermal paint tests, Thin film sensors etc. To carry out research activities R&D Centre has received funds from various funding agencies like Aeronautical Research and Development Board, Department of Science and Technology, Extramural Research & Intellectual Property Rights, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Vision Group of Science and Technology, The Institutions of Engineers (India) etc. Students of all disciplines of our college are involved in carrying out research projects at our research centre. Funds/Grants for the Year 2015

Name of the Funding Agency Amount in Rupees Title Status
National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board 48.00 Lakhs To Set Up Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) Submitted on10 April 2015
Technology Systems Development Programme (TSDP) 56.15 Lakhs Additive Manufacturing System based on Micro Mechanical Inhibition for 3D Printing ofMetals and Plastics Submitted on 28 August 2015
Sl. No Project Title Duration Year of Sanctioned Funding Agency Total Amount Sanctioned in lakh
 1. Studies on evaluation of full- field temperature fields of high speed compressors and turbines through thermal paint tests 3 Years 2010 Visvesvaraya Technological University 14,00,000
 2. Development of a numerical design tool for topological optimization of high pressure compressor rotors with circumferential blade root configuration 2 Years 2010 Aeronautics Research and Development Board 8,80,000
 3. Investigation on the application of Ultra sonic impact treatment for enhancing the fatigue performance of Titanium Welds 3 Years 2012 Visvesvaraya Technological University 8,50,000
 4. Development of multilayer thin film sensors for static and dynamic strain measurement under harsh environments 2 Years 2012 Visvesvaraya Technological University 8,80,000
 5. Development of Autonomous VTOL ornithopter with monoplane and biplane configuration with hovering ability 2 Years 2012 DST- National programme on Micro Air Vehicle (jointly with GCE, Hassan) 36,85,000

Projects Sanctioned

Sl No. Title of The Project Name of Student & Class Amount Sanctioned (Rs) Funding Agency
 1. Ergonomically designing and developing a Foot Switch for Medical S. NavamaniVII sem Mech. 50,000/- VTU
 2. Development of RC controlled robots for rural application S. Navamani, M.K.SachinVII semMech 75,000/- The Institutions of Engineers (India)
 3. Design, development and fabrication of surveillance capable multirotor platform K. GouthamM. P KumaranVII semMech 40,000/- Vision Group of Science and Technology.

Sanctioned from VGST funding

S. No Scheme Title Amount (Rs)(Sanctioned)
1 FDP 1 Computational techniques for fluid and heat flow analysis 2,00,000/-

Proposed Faculty Development Program submitted for funding: (Submitted to AICTE for funding)

S. No Scheme Title Amount (Rs)
1 FDP 1 Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing technologies 6,87,000/-
2 FDP 2 Methodologies for 3D scanning of Civil and Architectural structures 6,80,000/-
3 FDP 3 Advanced Surface Engineering Practices and Applications 6,85,000/-

Research proposals submitted

SL No Tittle Of Research Proposal Funding Agency AmountRs/- Period
1 Development of digital image processing based eye tracking system for assessing the pilot fatigue and ensuring flight safety AICTE 22,73,000 Submitted
2 Establishment of industry institute partnership cell for over all development in learning practices and collaborative pursuits. AICTE 15,00,000 Submitted
3 Entrepreneurship Development Cell AICTE 4,60,000 Submitted

Cambridge Tinkering Lab
(Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)

One of the unique features of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is its Tinkering Lab, a dedicated space available with facilities for students and staff, where their ideas conceived can be translated into reality using the basic and advanced tools, other equipment and machines like 3D Printers, Welding and Soldering equipment, Drilling units, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics components including raw materials to explore innovative technologies and new methodologies. Students are nurtured to Ideate, Innovate, Design, Fabricate and Apply to become masters of using technology for various applications. Cambridge Tinkering Lab was inaugurated by Mr. Rod Giles, CEO from Royal Enfield, the United Kingdom on 31st Jan 2018 at our R & D centre, a unique facility to enhance and showcase the conceptual and practical acumen of students in different domains of engineering and technology. Students are also encouraged to work in our tinkering lab for their project work, both mini and final projects as a part of the curriculum.