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an ISO 9001:2008 Certified
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Faculty participation research paper presentation in National & International conferences
Sl. No. Author Name Title of the Paper Publications Year
1. Prof. Manasa G P Thermal Stress on AC motor winding insulation due to harmonics NCRAEE,UBDTCE, Davanagere 17th&18th, June 2013.
2. Prof. Manasa G P Effect of Harmonics on the Life of Induction Motor Winding Insulation Zen & Tao of EEE, MSRIT, Bangalore 7th-9thJan 2014
3. Prof. B G Sujatha Power Quality Analysis in a Solar PV Panel connected Grid system=m using PI Controller ICIEEE, Bnagalore 6th Dec 2015
4. Prof. B G Sujatha Enhancement of PQ in grid connected PV system using Hybrid Technique ASEJ 26thApril 2016
5. Prof Y V Aruna & Prof. Beena S Implementation of Transformer Protection by Intelligent Electronic Device for Different Faults IJERA Jan 2015
6. Prof Y V Aruna & Prof. Beena S Automatic Conveyor or system with In-Process sorting mechanism using PLC & HMI System IJERA Nov 2015
7. Prof. Bharath V S Declining Multi Inverter-based total harmonic distortion with the aid of Hybrid optimization technique IET Science, Measurement Technology 17th jun 2014
8. Prof. Bharath V S Tumbling Total Harmonic Distortion in Multi inverter with the Aid of Hybrid JATIT 10th April 2014
9. Prof. Bharath V S Closed Loop Analysis of Multilevel Inverter Fed Drives IJPEDS 3rd Sept. 2014
10. Prof. Bharath V S Simulation Based Analysis of Seven Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter IJETEE Oct 2013
11. Prof. Ramesh Kumar V One-Day –Ahead Electrical Load Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Network International Conference on Information & Communication Engg. Aug 2013
12. Prof Y V Aruna Review of Sensor & Sensor less Control Topologies for a Four-Switch Inverter Fed Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor IJERA Sept-Oct 2013