NAAC Accredited with B++ Grade
Permanently Affiliated to VTU, KA
Recognized By Govt. Of Karnataka
an ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Approved by AICTE
NBA Accredited

Professional Bodies


Most of the faculties & all the students are members of professional bodies like CSI,ISTE, IETE and IEEE

Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular and social activities by organizing activities such as CSI-student convention/Inter college fest “CHIGURU “/ Department magazine “E-Pangram “ and “Pratibimb” /VTU sports ,ISTE Technical Fest and so on…


Events conducted under the banner of the professional bodies

1. A 2 Day workshop on Android App

To enrich knowledge on Android application development, Cambridge institute of technology, department of CSE & ISE, under the support of CSI-BC-Citech Student Branch and ISTE Student Chapter, conducted 2-days workshop on Android app. development for 5th semester student of CITech, on  11th & 12th of October 2014. It was a FULL day session starting from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

2. State level Techno fest 2014

The ISTE Techno Fest was held on the 10 of October in the year 2014.

Some of the events for the fest

1. Innovative IT product proposal

2. Technical Paper Presentation

3. Code Debugging

4. Circuit Debugging and Analysis

5. Micro controller Programming

6. CAD maniac