NAAC Accredited with B++ Grade
Permanently Affiliated to VTU, KA
Recognized By Govt. Of Karnataka
an ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Approved by AICTE
NBA Accredited

Professional Bodies

Dr. M. Arunadevi

  • Member of International Association for Engineering and Management Education(IAEME)
  • Member of The Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommucations Engineering(ICST)
  • Member of European Allience for Innovation-Empowering the Innovation Community(EAI).
  • Member of BOE New Horizon College of Engineering

Prof. VeeraNagaiah M.

  • Member of  MCSI, MISTE, MADMA, Board of Studies, Board of Examiners.

Prof. J VaniNirmala N.

  • Member of Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers(IETE).

Prof Prasanna Kumara

  • Member of IAEME, ICST, EAI