Infrastructure Facilities

Analog and Digital Electronics Lab

Deals with Analog Electronics circuits, its fabrication and its analysis and experiments on digital logic, design and implementation of digital circuits.


Control Systems Lab

Study and analysis of various control system components and control system modules are done in this lab.


Electrical Machines Lab

Various tests and performance evaluation of DC machines, induction machines, transformers and synchronous machines are done in this lab.


Microcontroller Lab

Programming and applications of microcontrollers for various applications. Both hardware and simulation programs are available in the lab.


Digital signal processing laboratory

Digital signal processing laboratory helps the students to learn, analyse and design the techniques that give core knowledge for DSP engineers to develop the laboratory aims at supporting the teaching and research activities in the area of DSP.


Power Electronics Lab

Experiments related to power electronics circuits like rectifiers, inverters, choppers, drives and control of various machines using the power electronics modules are done here.


Power System Simulation Lab

Computer simulation of various power system problems and its solutions are observed here.


Relay & High Voltage Lab

Experiments related to high voltage engineering are done in this laboratory. Testing of various relays for its performance and application.