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Events & Activities


Date: 04-04-2018 to 06-04-2018


The inaugural programme was conducted on the first day, the 04th April 2018 and was inaugurated by Dr. Shashi Kumar D R, Vice Principal & Hod of CSE, Dr. Shashidhara K N, Vice principal & HoD of ME and Mr.Kotresh Mundrugi, Director – Indian techkeys. Course content of first day was learing  power of Arduino and Stepper Motor application.

On the second day, the 05th April 2018 the student involved in learning Embedded system coding for arduino Uno and G Code & M Code Application. Also involved in Body building for CNC Machine.

On the third day, the 06th April 2018 the students learnt Exercise “INSKAPE” and “PROCESSING” tool and testing of final CNC machine for 2D Plotter application.

The unique feature of this Workshop is that, the participants were heavily exposed to the practical nuances of CNC practices by the trainers from industries and lot of healthy deliberations had taken place between the trainers and the participants throughout for the benefit of learning community.

Design and Development of Ornithopter - March-2015

One day training course was organized by the department of ME dated on 27/03/2015 from 09:30 to 18:30 with 58 participants .To provide an exposure for the students to Flapping wing MAVs, or Ornithopters, which are the most advanced and sophisticated technology in the Aerospace Endeavours. Guest for the program are Mr. Praveen Tripathi conducted training program in Andhra pradesh, West bengal, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka for more than 1500 students in fiber optic domain & Mr.AmalRaj.V, Project Engineer in the field of Rocket Motor Casing Proof Pressure Testing and a researcher in 3D Rapid Prototyping Technology focusing on Unmanned Aerial Drones.

Students will get a rare chance of knowing the fundamentals of this Flapping Technology and a great opportunity to have a ‘Hands on Experience’ on how to develop an Ornithopter themselves through step by step guiding from the professionals in the industry.

1. Exclusive Seminar on “Opportunities in Mechanical engineering and Industry Expectations for Fresh Graduates” Presented by Sri Subramanya sastry, DGM-Cyient on 30-03-2015.

2. A workshop “Swarm Robotics” was conducted at CiTech in association with Technophilia Systems which was well received by the students of Mechanical Engineering and were awarded with completion certificate.

3. A one day workshop on “AUTOCAD” was conducted by Autodesk at our CIM lab. Around 30 students took part in the design competition and were awarded with merit certificate.

4. Exclusive tech-talk on “The Future of IC engines” Presented by Sri Anoop B Srinivasan, Pabs consultants, Bangalore on 19-08-2015. A practical training workshop on Automobiles comprising of Engine, Suspension, Brakes, Chassis design and Auto-electrical systems etc. Conducted to Final year students of the department to enable them to seek placements in automobile Industries.

Project Exhibition 2014-2015

The “Project Exhibition” was held in the Mechanical Department on 30-05-2015. A total of 9 teams participated in the exhibition. Panel includes Dr. K N Shashidhara, Dr. Nagendra K, Dr. A V Seethagirisha, Prof. Naveen Kumar A Mechanical Department and Mrs. Rashmi Reddy & Mrs. Srividya, Assistant Professor, Civil Department. Students projected various project. Out of many exhibited the practical models out of that few were really good and innovative. First and Second figure from left depicts the design of automobile to prevent damage during accidents. Third photo shows self proclaiming winnowing machine used for segregation of food grains from husks and other materials and best project among them won the prize.