NAAC Accredited with B++ Grade
Permanently Affiliated to VTU, KA
Recognized By Govt. Of Karnataka
an ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Approved by AICTE
NBA Accredited

Doctoral Programme


Sl.No NAME Designation Research Topic University name Guide Name Reg. Date
1 Prof. Shobha.  S Assoc. Prof. Development of algorithm & architectures for ladder diagram based programmable controller. VTU, SJBIT, Bangalore. Dr. Ramachandran. S 2012
2 Prof. T.G. Shiva Panchakshari Assoc. Prof. Analysis of RADAR signatures of various soils in various seasons using RF patterns of GPR through standard reflectometry for Optimal, Agricultural, and Yields. VTU, AIT, Bangalore Dr. H.S. Aravind 2013
3 Prof. Girish. H Assoc. Prof. Design and optimization of FinFET SRAM cells. VTU, JC Bose centre for research and development, CiTech, Bangalore. Dr. Shashi Kumar D.R 2014
4 Prof. Basavaraju. C Assoc. Prof. Development of SPDMA Algorithm JNTU, Hybrabad Dr.H.G.Chandrakanth 2009
5 Prof. A.C.Vikramathithan Assoc. Prof. Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (EMI/EMC) in Microwave Integrated circuits UVCE, Bangalore University. Dr. Shashi Kumar D.R 2014
6 Prof. Sandeep.  R Assoc. Prof. Perceptual video hashing IIT, Guwahati Prof. P. K. Bora 2010
7 Prof. Jenita Subash Asst. Prof. Speckle noise removal from US, SAR and OCT images VIT, Vellur Dr. Kalaivani 2014
8 Prof. Ravikumar.  M Asst. Prof Design of CMOS RF frontend architecture for very high frequency range. VTU,RRC Dr. Eranna.U 2015
9 Prof. Raghunath Reddy Asst. Prof Comparative Study & Analysis of High Speed MIPI CSI-3 Interface for Mobile Applications VTU, Dr.AIT Dr. Rajanna K M 2015