Making the right career choice after schooling

If your parents are telling you to start thinking about your future, you must know that now that school is getting over, it is time for you to start pondering about those career aspirations that you always had as a kid. Whether you want to be an astronaut or an engineer, it is time for you to move on to the next step in fulfilling your dreams and making the right choice after schooling to choose your career. Below is a list of points that would be helpful for you in deciding upon your career choice:

Career assessment tests

Numerous aptitude assessment tests are available both online and offline which can help a student determine their area of interest. Based on your skill sets, interests, personality and abilities, these tests can analyze your strengths and weaknesses in regards to different professional areas and indicate which one is most suitable for you.

Identify your passion

It is very important to assess your interests. Select a field in which you will be able to use your skills and which over time will be advanced with practice. If you choose a field of your interest, you will be naturally motivated in chasing your goals.

Imagine yourself in the role

Picture yourself in the career field that you want to choose to know whether you fit in it or not. If you are an introvert and want to go for the marketing field, you might want to reconsider your decision. It is crucial to understand yourself and analyze whether you would be able to cope with a certain field’s requirement or not.

Evaluate your options

Create a list of the fields you have an inclination for and weigh their pros and cons. The one with a greater number of cons should be struck out which will leave you with fewer options to finalize from. While weighing in your options, some of the points that you should consider are job opportunities, remuneration package and self- satisfaction. Whether you want to follow your passion that might require some financial backing until you become successful or you want a regular source of income, it is up to you to make the final call.

Seek career guidance

Talk to people whom you know well and discuss your career interests. Although the ultimate decision should be yours but talk to your career counsellor and seek their guidance while taking the first step in realizing your career dreams.

Choosing a career after schooling is a decision that might put a lot of pressure on students when they are about to enter PU college. An important part of making the right career choice is to pay close attention to the process of selecting the career field. While there is no dearth of career options available for students today, it is always good to explore your options to know where your heart truly lies. To land in the right career field where your skills and interest are, it is also advised to choose the right combination of subjects. If you want to become a mechanical Engineer, opt for the science stream and if you want to become a successful Chartered Accountant then commerce stream is meant for you. It might be confusing when you are to decide the right career because this is the decision that will determine the course of your future. So, always remember to be patient and chalk out a roadmap to decide on the journey ahead to chase your career goals.