5 Reasons why Internships are Important in two years of MBA tenure

If you are pursuing an MBA degree program, it is important for you to know that internships play a crucial role in your career advancement once you complete it. A summer internship with a leading organization will enable you to establish yourself as a sincere prospective employee if you are dedicated to your assigned responsibilities. Below is a list of top five reasons that make internships important during the two years course:

Hands-on experience

Yes, during your internship with any organization, you will get an opportunity to work with a team where every person is different. Learn to work as a team with a group of people and achieve the goals together. Remember this is your first exposure to the corporate world and experiential learning at this stage will help you immensely later. You will get to know the day-to-day operations in the industry and it would also give you an idea about how to effectively manage time to complete your tasks and deliver them on time.

Professional Network

As an intern, you will be introduced to the team across different verticals. This will be your golden chance to connect with people and grow your professional network at this stage. You have your chance here to ask questions and get answers from the experts who will get an idea about your sincerity at work. Connect with them on professional networking platform and stay in touch. You might get a heads up on any potential job openings in the organization before others get an idea about the same.

Build your resume

Any resume has more weight if it has considerable experience cited on it. Internships give a positive impression to your recruiter, demonstrating your inclination to learn when they see that you have worked as an intern during your MBA. If you have performed well during your internship, you might even have your contacts from this workplace serve as your referrals later when you interview with other organizations.

Job opportunities

A hard-working intern had an excellent chance of getting absorbed by the company as an employee. Many reputed organizations offer pre-placement offers to their interns if they are satisfied with your performance. Thus, it is a wonderful opportunity to stay focused to get a noteworthy job profile in the same organization.

Enhance professional skills

Working as an intern will also help you to know yourself in a better manner. You will develop a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. This will also enable you to know your potential better and hence, you will be able to mature according to the corporate norms, bettering your professional skills such as leadership skills, time-management skills, presentations skills, team-building skills and many more.

There is no doubt that the job market is very competitive at present and hence, experience is of great value when you are looking for a job. Being in a group of MBA graduates, an internship is like as an added advantage which will help you stand out in the crowd. Many companies use internships as a means of recruiting talent that will appropriately fit their professional culture. Hence, an internship will allow you to practically apply the business concepts taught during your classroom sessions and have a learning-oriented work experience with the organization.