12 step process for improving your people management skills


An important part of being a successful manager is honing and enhancing your people management skills to be able to manage the team effectively and get the job done. To get your technical prowess as well as soft skills combined, below is a 12 -step process for improving your people management skills:

  1. Create a goal outline

Write down your goals to have a clear vision of what lies ahead of you to work on. This will also help you to align your goals with the organization’s and your team’s goals.

  1. Identify your weaknesses

Determine your areas of improvement to have an idea of the things which needs some serious assessment.

  1. Communication is the key

Your team knows you as a leader and hence, discussing with them on how you need to improve your leadership skills is the wisest choice.

  1. Become organized

Organize your calendar and get a software solution to help you stay organized to meet your goals in an efficient manner.

  1. Read, read and read

There are tons of books on management. Read them to widen your perspective.

  1. Opt for a leadership course

Enroll for a leadership course online or even in your locality and advance your decision-making, critical thinking and time-management skills

  1. Be a good listener

Listen to your employees by following the five most important aspects of listening – receiving, understanding, remembering, evaluating and responding.

  1. Appreciate and reward

Giving feedback to your employees is another crucial role in being a manager. Be specific in praising and rewarding your employees. It serves as an excellent source of motivation for them.

  1. Learn to be empathetic

As a manager, your role is to get the work done but this doesn’t mean that you cannot empathize with your team members. Cut a little slack if someone is going through a tough time at the personal front.

  1. Have someone to mentor you

You might not be able to assess your performance as a leader therefore, it is good to have someone who would offer honest insights into your leadership skills.

  1. Be transparent with your feedbacks

Embracing transparency in the workplace is a necessary trait for a leader. Be transparent with your employees so that they have respect for you and feel more engaged with the organization.

  1. Be flexible

Flexibility is all about understanding that there are different ways to finish a task. If a team member wants to try a different approach, allow them the flexibility to work differently because it is the results that matter.

By asking a simple question, “how well do I work with others?”, you can get an idea about the specifics of you being an effective team member that you are. Employing the above definitive list of the 12-step process for enhancing your people management skills can be of great help. Once you learn how to manage a group of people, you can be the successful leader that you have always wanted to be. If you complete the 12-step guide, you can be the leader who inspires his or her team by investing in the teammates’ skills and enabling them to achieve their goals.